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Sourcing socks take time, you need to choose materials. Decide on a pattern. Choose package.

Walky Socky team help you to streamline the process by doing everything in-house.

Thousands of Styles

End to End Solution

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Not 1 but 20 different fabric options!

Each Fabric has its own characteristics.

Novelty Socks

Crazy, quirky, and sometimes hobby-themed, display your personality with fresh novelty designs. new and fresh and interesting pattern for socks

Organic Cotton Socks

Comfortable & environmentally friendly. Organic fibers are natural. Hence, it makes them extremely comfortable. Self-absorbent and soft, gentle to the environment.

Wool Fiber

Wool socks are an ideal material for socks as it wicks moisture away from your feet. It also allows being breathable and comfortable. It’s an excellent insulator as it helps keep your feet warm during the winter.

Compression Socks

Compression / Medical Socks help to improve the blood circulation by squeezing the leg tissues and walls of the veins, compression stockings can help blood in the veins return to the heart.

Walky Socky can help you create unique and special designed Compression Socks – not just boring an plain colors.

Mercerized Socks

Mercerized socks uses yarns that gives these socks a georgous sheen finish with extra strength.

Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks are so super soft you have to feel it to believe it. Bamboo has many natural qualities that lend themselves perfectly to socks. At a microscopic level, bamboo fibre has a round and smooth surface meaning that it’s very gentle against skin. Bamboo material is 2-3 degrees cooler in warm weather and also very warm in cold weather because its fibre micro structure is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes. Being 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton, bamboo socks wick nasty moisture away from the skin, keeping feet fresh and dry.

Packaging that makes a difference

Packaging is a huge part of the success of your product. Walky Socky has countless packaging options, different materials, and prints.

It's the time to get your new socks collection

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