Unless not recognized, compression socks can be found anywhere. It is the popular type that is being used by a whole lot of people, including workers; professionals, celebrities and lovers of fashion. Some people call it compression stockings while some prefer calling it suppose hose. They are the socks that are long and are made in a way that they apply graded pressure to the legs. The compression socks however comes with different materials, however, the material that is being provided is as a result of the provision to the need of the person that is making use of the socks. Primarily, the compression socks is mostly employed in the medical world, that is why it is not difficult seeing nurses making use of it as well as patients that are just recovering from surgery, including people at risk for blood cloths in their legs.

Compression socks is specially designed for people with deep vein thrombosis so as to prevent a group of symptoms known as post-thrombotic syndrome which includes swelling in the leg and leg pain. Also, those that are suffering from varicose veins, leg ulcers, edema and those with circulatory problems are the best set of people to make use of the compression socks. Many people do not have the afore mentioned problems with their legs but the fact that they spend a whole lot of time on their feet make them believe that making use of this socks is the best for them if at all they want to enjoy their legs for a longer part of their life.

It is noteworthy to know that the blood in the human veins is expected to work against gravity so as to flow through to the heart, however, if there is anything that impede such flow, there is a high tendency that it will result to blood pooling in the veins of the lower legs or feet. Once this happen, the expected result will be achiness, leg fatigue, swelling. This therefore is where the compression socks comes in, by squeezing the leg tissues and walls of the veins, compression stockings can help blood in the veins return to the heart. Not ending with that, it helps the flow of the fluid that bathes the cells in the legs so as to reduce the swelling of tissues. If worn properly, the compression socks is highly beneficial to its users. Many people however are not professional with the way they wear the socks, therefore, they have it on with folds which results to little complications. If every other people are putting on the socks without considering the folds, it should not be the same with people that suffers from neuropathy or any other condition which impacts skin sensation.  

On another hand, it is important for us to consider what compression rating is all about. The compression stockings is designed with the consideration of four to five main levels of compression. This reference the amount of pressure that is being applied to the leg. In this case, the level of compression is being determined by the number. It however measured in millimeters of mercury or mmHg. Healthy people whose consideration are just for prevention reason like pregnant women who have tired and fatigued legs from sitting all day are expected to make use of a mild or very light compression which is under 15 mmHg. Those with minor swelling of the leg or passengers that are in the plane are expected to make use of the Moderate compression which is 15 to 20 mmHg so as to prevent DVT.

Compression stockings is not expected to have a general duration of having it on. Rather, the duration of having it on should be based the reason for wearing it in the first place. As for those who are making use of it because of veins related issues, they can have it on all day but they are expected to take it off before they go to bed or whenever they have the chance to relax and have their leg off work.


In conclusion, the compression socks is majorly made so as to correct any problem that comes with squeezing of one’s legs. It gives pressure to the leg for proper functioning by tasking the veins to contract to their original size so that the blood that is expected to flow backward may flow back to its appropriate place. Venous insufficiency definitely is a disadvantage for people whose main job is to have their legs on the ground almost all day, therefore, the compression socks will always be of help when it comes to fixing of problems which is associated with venous insufficiency and also block any other issues that is associated with this. Of course, many people believe that venous insufficiency is often simply uncomfortable. It is not as simple as this because it has he necessary requirements to be more dangerous to the health. We must understand that he outcome of the venous insufficiency are skin ulcer, soreness, spider veins and he likes. However, with the involvement of the compression stockings, there is no need for users to worry when it comes to leg problems.

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